108 3" Black Removable Wall Sticker Decals. Peel and Stick Triangles - B06XXV5533

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  • Transform your living space to a lively and exciting new decor. Save Money and time not having to paint your wall. Change the rooms decor as often as your imagination.

  • Safe on Walls -Can be applied to smooth and lightly textured walls. Be an interior decorator, add a special touch to beautify and bring a glow to your living space with these set of decals without worrying about damaging your walls. Works great for decorating apartments, nurseries, daycares, restaurant, office, school class rooms and any room in your home.

  • Easy to Peel & Stick - These set of decals are easy to install with no tools required and you can quickly apply without a mess or hassle. Made up of quality vinyl with a gentle adhesive that you can easily remove with little effort and no messy residue.

  • PROUDLY MADE IN CANADA and will last for years so you can enjoy the subtle beauty they bring to any room of your home.Made with Matte Finish that gives the natural and quality look that perfectly blends with your walls.

  • Buy with Confidence - We are totally confident that you will love and be impressed with the quality of these vinyl decals that we offer 100% guarantee. Please don’t hesitate to immediately contact us if you have questions or concerns with our products.

  • Color Name:Black  |  Size :3"

    Color: Black

    Bring glow and personal touch to your kid’s room in an easy way without too much cost, hassle free and not worrying about damaging your wall.

    • Easy to peel, apply, remove and safe on walls.
    • Made of high quality vinyl with gentle adhesive that perfectly stick on wall and easy to remove without peeling paint or marking up the surface.
    • Easy to install with no tools needed. Works well with clean, dry and smooth surfaces or wall.
    • Comes with poster tube to ensure that decals are protected and no creasing.
    • Installation instructions included.

    Sested location to place your decals:

    • Walls
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Smooth Ceilings
    • Frames
    • Mirrors
    • Furnitures
    • Albums
    • Posters

    • No transfer film needed, simply peel and stick.
    • Take your decals out of your mailing tube.
    • Clean and dry the wall or surface and make sure it is flat and smooth.
    • Peel off one sticker at a time and stick in accordance in your idea.
    • Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.
    • To remove, gently lift and take off.

    Enjoy the subtle beauty these decals bring to any room of your home!

    NOTE: The actual size of the product may not be accurately showed in the images above.
    Names and sayings decals in the pictures above are not included in the package, are only used for presentation.

    108 3" Black Removable Wall Sticker Decals. Peel and Stick Triangles - B06XXV5533

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